“Some say Evertide is the ever-changing will of the universe, others believe it is a power even greater than the gods. And yet at times it seems the Will of Evertide is as simple and indifferent as the roll of a die.”

Evertide is the name given to the nigh-intangible force that influences all living things in the universe. It is neither evil nor benevolent. It seeks both order and chaos. It is a part of everything, and yet leaves no sign of its existence. At least to the untrained eye that is.

Texts containing entries about Evertide can be found dating as far back as The Rivening. Most of these offer no more insight than what the common believer would tell you. An even greater phenomenon is that these writings transcend language, race and even religion. It seems stories involving this great unknown force have roots in even the furthest corners of Erynaal.

The common belief is that Evertide helps shape the destinies and events of individuals throughout the world and beyond, for better or worse. It is thought that it’s influence seeks to maintain a state of neutrality in the universe, never truly favoring one individual over another. And yet, despite the fabled greatness of “The Will of Evertide”, it’s actions are not law, and it’s handiwork can be undone.

See also The Old Ones, Watchtower and Blackmark for more information on the Will of Evertide and those few who manipulate its use.


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